Fees Structure 2019

An annual Enrolment Fee of $35.00 for the year 2019 needs to be paid upon enrolment in one or more classes of ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’. Enrolment will only be issued when enrolment fee for 2019 is paid. This enrolment fee incorporates annual insurance, PPCA licence, administration & registration costs.

Every dancer can make use of our costumes. If you need a costume for a performance, competition, talent quest, etc. and/or are part of the performance troupe, we will ask an one-off Costume Fee of $35 for 2019. This fee will go towards cleaning, repair, making & handling costs.

Every dancer will have an outfit fit to them without having to actually purchase one for their own. However the costumes will stay in ownership of "Voyage of Irish Dance".

Enrolment in more than 1 class: First class no discount. Second and third class 25% discount. Fourth class and above 50% discount per class*. This discount does not apply to parents attending class(es) - see below.

Parents discount will be given to parent(s) of their son/daughter attending ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’ classes. All Parents attending class(es) will receive a 50% discount on all classes. No extra discount will be applied to Parents, when attending more than one class.

Family discount will only be given over the total of the 1st class term fees AND only for siblings attending. Parents attending classes will not receive an extra Family discount over their first class attending. If more classes are followed the above discount structure will be given per person per class.

* The class order for the discount will be organised from the longest/most expensive to shortest/less expensive class when enrolling for more than one class.
Being the 1st class the longest/most expensive, 2nd class shorter/less than 1st, 3rd class shorter/less than 2nd, etc.

Classes are subject to change depending on number of enrolments. You will be notified in advance of any changes.
Casual Rate
per lesson
per dancer
9 wks
Term Fees
10 wks
Term Fees
30 minutes class$14.00$104.00$115.00
45 minutes class$18.00$127.00$141.00
60 minutes class$23.00$160.00$177.00
Performance Troupe – 30 mins$10.00$64.00$71.00
Performance Troupe – 45 mins$13.00$95.00$105.00
Performance Troupe – 60 mins$16.00$117.00$131.00
Private Tuition1 dancer privateshared private max. 3 dancers fee per dancerVenue Hire
Private tuition – 15 mins$23.00$12.00$11.00
Private tuition – 30 mins$38.00$19.00$16.00
Private tuition – 45 mins$53.00$27.00$21.00
Private tuition – 60 mins$64.00$32.00$26.00
Online Tuition9 wks
Term Fees
10 wks
Term Fees
Online Tuition - per term$155.00$173.00
Terms 2020HamiltonMorissetWallsend
HamiltonMondayThe Fellowship House150 Beaumont St
MorissetTuesdayMorisset Masonic Centre5 Yambo St
WallsendWednesdayUniting Church Hall19 Metcalfe St
MondayHenderson Park Hall42 Lockyer Street, Adamstown