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End of a Journey / New Beginnings

After 15 years of being the owner/director of ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’, an almost 2 year pandemic and after many reflections, I made the tough decision to end the journey of our Irish dance academy in 2021.

This will leave room for me to focus on my new career as a Mental Health Key Worker, stepping back into my former qualification as a Social/Welfare Worker.

It is one of many difficult decisions I had to make due to and as a result of the pandemic. It is like saying goodbye to a child and sending it off into the world.

I treasure the many years I spent building up the Irish dance academy as it is today. I started with one dancer in 2006, have seen many families grow up, dancers coming, going, returning and many sharing the journey with me like my fellow teachers & assistant teachers.

It has been quite a journey. Starting up Irish dance classes as a Dutch migrant in Australia and at that time also a new mum to my gorgous son Connor.

The CRN Cumann Rince Náisiúnta syllabus I learned wasn’t taught throughout Australia when I arrived in 2002, so I took on the wild adventure of bringing it to Australia. Following were many journeys to Ireland for training and exams. And later lots of communication with CRN for online training, exams and competitions.

I am so glad, my dancers/teachers are now able to fully train for their ODCRN (Irish dance teacher) exam online. An opportunity that did not exist until two years ago.

Currently I am mentoring and will be continueing mentoring Jaye, Jessica & Clare towards their ODCRN qualification.

A very special thank you to Jaye, who has been an active part of ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’; teaching, organising and being the social media wizzard. She has been a consistent help, building up the academy as it is today, a good friend, an amazing dancer and a wonderful teacher.

Thanks to all dancers, families, friends, audiences, event organisers and so so many more, who supported ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’ throughout its journey. Without you all ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’ couldn’t become what it is today.

‘Voyage of Irish Dance’ will not journey on in 2022…


Jaye has immensely enjoyed her time teaching with me over the last 14 years and is incredibly grateful for the given opportunities to learn and grow as a dance teacher within ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’.

It is for this reason Jaye is able to move towards opening her own Irish dance school in 2022 continueing Irish dance classes.

I am sure she will guide you all to new pastures & heights with many adventures awaiting you all. You can find ‘Elevate Irish Dance Academy’ on Instagram @elevateirishdance and/or contact via email: theteam@elevateirishdance.com

Wishing you all an amazing 2022.


Marieclaire Beekmans ODCRN

Owner/Director ‘Voyage of Irish Dance’

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